Class 11 Girl Molested, Beaten Up For Eve Teasing Protest

Ranaghat, Nov. 26: A class eleven girl aged 17, from Nadia’s Ranaghat was allegedly molested and beaten up by three youths on Saturday night on her way back home from private tuition as she had protested against their sleazy remarks and indecent proposals.

The girl, daughter of a hawker, was thrashed by the trio in front of other pedestrians blocking her way. The girl tried to run away home, but the three miscreants dragged her back holding her dupatta and continued slapping and punching her repeatedly until she fell on the ground and strarted bleeding from nose.

Mother of the girl, who rushed to the spot to rescue her being informed by locals, was also allegedly beaten up and threatened by the miscreants. 

The incident occurred close to the girl’s home in Anulia-Satigacha village at about 9pm. The girl has lodged a complaint at Ranaghat police station. Police have started a case but none could so far be arrested.

Panicked parents of the girl meanwhile considering to stop her stidy so that she does not encounter eve teasers on the road. 

The victim girl, who is yet to overcome the trauma said, “I compelled to protest on Sunday being unable to bear daily humiliation. It occured barely around 200 meter away from my home. I felt very humiliated when the three youths started hurling abusive words at me. They blocked my way and started making obscene gestures with sleazy language. I was very angry and asked them if they would do same gesture with women of their family. This angered them as they started slapping and punching on my face and chest repeatedly. I cried out for help. But none came up. I managed to run away but they chased and dragged me back to a deserted place and began beating me again. I tried to fight it out as they were trying to outrage my modesty. But soon fell on the ground with a bleeding nose”.

The girl’s mother said, “The three youths had a bad motive. They beaten up and prevented me when I tried to rescue my daughter. They fled only after she started bleeding. If such harassment continues I am unsure to allow my daughter to go school anymore”. 

Some local residents rescued the girl and her mother and took them to a club. The girl was later taken to Ranaghat sub divisional hospital with an injured nose and facial injuries. She, however, compelled to get discharged on Monday morning so that she could appear in a school test later on the day.

“I don’t know if my parents would allow me to continue study any more as such humiliation and i timidation has become a regular affair. There is no security of girls at all in my area. Nevertheless, being yet to recuperate I today left hospital to appear before a qualifying test in school”, the girl added.

Serina Seikh, a homemaker in the locality said, “A group of youths have unleashed terror among the young women in the locality. They openly tease and molest women. Unfortunately the male members of our families are afraid to prorest their act for their criminal background. Police preferred to remain a silent witness as they never act without written complaint, which is not possible for us. So we compel to digest these miscreants. But, this girl was an exception”.

An officer of Ranaghat police station said, “The three accused youths have fled. A search is on to arrest them. Meanwhile patrolling in the area has been increased”.   

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