Fiancé Shot Dead Girl Inside Shikarpur Park

Bidisha Mandal and Aneek KarmakarBidisha Mandal and Aneek Karmakar

Shikarpur, Oct. 4: A young girl from Shikarpur was shot dead allegedly by her fiancé inside an amusement park in Nadia’s Shikarpur in broad daylight as she expressed her unwillingness to continue the affair anymore. The youth later had tried to kill self, hitting own head with the metal butt of the fire arm as bullet had exhausted, but failed.

Bidisha Mandal (19), a BA first year student at Karimpur Pannadevi College, was shot once below her left ear by Aneek Karmakar (24), a jewelry maker from Murshidabad’s Jalangi after a brawl. Aneek later tried to kill self but could not succeed.

The incident which occurred at about 4.15pm had created a panic in the park. Police later rushed in and took the couole to Karimpur rural hospital. However, they soon transferred to Saktinagar district hospital in Krishnanagar. Bidisha, a resident of Murutia Kuthipara died on the way.

Bidisha Mandal

Bidisha Mandal

Meanwhile, doctors at Saktinagar hospital said that condition of Aneek is stable. He had a injury on his head, apparently made of a blunt object.

Girl’s father Budhdhadeb Mandal refused to comment on the incident claiming ignorance about her daughter’s affair with Aneek. He, however, later said, “I have no idea that my daughter was involved into an affair with the boy. I don’t know how long they were having the affair and why she paid with her life”.

Local sources said that Bidisha developed an affair with Aneek after her elder sister got married in Jalangi. “The boy and girl had met on several occasions. They were having a strong affair”, a local resident said.

However, the relationship soured recently as the girl decided to discontinue the relationship.

Police said, “The girl had on earlier occasions told the youth about her decision. But, the youth had suspected that she was having another relationship. So he decided to kill her and brought fire arm from Murshidabad”.

As per plan, Aneek took Bidisha to the park. When they got involved into a brawl, he shot her from point blank range below her ear”.

Police have meanwhile, recovered the fire arm used to kill Bidisha. Police, however, yet to arrest Aneek as he us admitted to hospital.