Trinamul Launched Emergency Medical Service For Kalyani Residents

Kalyani, Jan. 2: While the Bengal government has launched a number of outreach programme to develop proximity to people, the ruling party’s Kalyani town committee has envisaged a plan in own way to help the elderly people in the town in health-related distress during the night.

On the first day of the New Year, the Trinamul’s Kalyani town committee launched an emergency medical support service, titled Apanjan, under which the party workers would extend their support by calling doctors or ambulance or for arranging medicine once they call any of the three dedicated helpline numbers (9830144020, 9051751151, 7044059550) assigned for the service.

While the ambulance service will be free of cost, the party will take the doctor’s fees and cost of medicine only from those who are able to afford it.

This emergency service, which will be made available from 10 pm to 5 am every day, was inaugurated by Kalyani Municipality chairman Sushil Talukdar at the party’s town committee office on Friday.

The leadership has developed a team of 200 dedicated party workers who would be available at the doorstep of the people in distress during the designated hours during night in 21 wards of the town.

Trinamul’s Kalyani town committee president Arup Mukherjee said, “This is a special service for the people who live in Kalyani town, especially for the elderly and financially weaker person who often find it tough to get a doctor in emergency or to arrange an ambulance or medicine. Many doctors used to avoid attending calls in night due to security problem. As a result many people who live alone die without treatment since in absence of any help since in most cases their children live outside owing to professional obligations”.

“We have no dearth of doctors and medical facilities in Kalyani. Nevertheless, many people died due to no timely support. This become evident during the early phases of Covid situation when we planned to take up such an initiative”, Mukherjee told The NfN.

“Our objective is to overcome this problem. We will circulate the three help line numbers through leaflets, social media so that they become aware of the service and call their Apanjan during distress. Our volunteers will be at their service as per their needs”, Mukherjee said.

The party has arranged two ambulances and two small vehicles for the Apanjan service. The volunteers will pick up the doctors from their home in those vehicles and drop them back at home after they attend the distress call.

“Since many doctors used to avoid visiting distress call outside during night being afraid of security threat, our volunteers will take care of their security”, Mukherjee said.

The party has meanwhile approached many doctors to join the initiative launching a sensitization drive. At the same time party has appealed the Bengal Chemist and Druggist Association’s Kalyani unit so that some pharmacy stores are remained open throughout the night in the town on rotational basis.

“We are trying to build up confidence among the doctors and medicine retailers assuring them of security. Because without their support the endeavor will not succeed. Many doctors have consented to our appeal already”, a Trinamul leader said adding that for financially weaker people party will bear the visiting fee of the doctor.

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