Nadia Gets Its 22nd Police Station In Palashipara

Krishnanagar, Dec. 20: A new police station would soon be set up in Nadia’s Palashipara . The new police station would be created bifurcating existing Tehatta police station, which was spanned over 519 square kilometers and comprising of 18 gram panchayat bodies under Tehatta-II block. The newly formed Palashipara police station will be comprised with 7 gram panchayat. It will be the 22nd police station in Nadia apart from two women’s police stations in Krishnanagar and Ranaghat. The decision in this regard was taken by the state cabinet during a meeting in Nabanna on Tuesday. The district police administration has been asked to finalize the location of the police station in Palashipara. Local residents of Palashipara and different political parties have welcomed the state government’s decision. An officer of Tehatta police said: “We have a vast area, which was quite difficult to manage properly. The formation of new police station would reduce our load and be effective for better monitoring”. Local residents today distributed sweets welcoming the news. Nadia SP Sheesh Ram Jhajharia said: “This new police station will be quite helpful to us for better policing and maintaining the law and order”.

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