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In an era of rapid globalization, we are literally trapped in a spider web of facts, where many a truth, especially those that matter the most in our daily struggle for survival, is strangled. We know what is happening in distant America, thanks to a globalised media, dishing out world news 24×7. But, how much do we know about the things which are happening in our neighborhood?

Very often localization is a neglected process as globalization presents an omnipresent veneer. Yet, in many cases, local forces work to attenuate the impact of globalization.

The need to go glocal inspired us to launch newsfromnadia.in precisely NfNthe world’s window to Nadia.

It is an initiative of a band of old school journalists from Nadia, probably the first of its kind from any district in West Bengal, to give the readers of Nadia a taste of hard-hitting facts, bitter reality and crunchy scoops. It was January 26, 2009; the first initiative for the site was launched in the form of a blog (www.newsfromnadia.blogspot.com) in a casual way mainly to quench our passion. But, soon we were surprised by the immense response from the readers. The increasing number of hits on the blog and numerous feedbacks forced us to think seriously. During the past few years, we have been trying to satisfy and understand the interest of the readers in a way which they never expect from any print or electronic media. The result of this sincere endeavor is newsfromnadia.in, which vows to remain for the people and with the people of Nadia.

No matter what’s going on in Nadia, we’ve got it covered.  NfN would strive to reflect the views and opinions of the people at large and vows to uplift the weaker and marginalized sections of the society. In a bid to preserve and encourage a democratic set-up, NfN also aims to voices issues relating to governance and transparency.

Visit NfN to keep up with news, businesses and events, check out photos and videos, see what your neighbors are up to and get in on the conversations. No feel good factors. No pressure from advertisers. No cramming for space or precious airtimes. Our objective is to endorse grass root coverage and media advocacy as well. News values have been redefined and structured to cover developmental issues in the socio-political domain at large.

And in the true spirit of democracy, we are open to criticism. Please feel free to write to: nfnnetwork@gmail.com or you are most welcome to visit us at Facebok (www.facebook.com/newsfromnadia).

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