Girdharpur School: DI Rectified “Mistakes” Of Teachers

Giridharpur High School in NakashiparaGiridharpur High School in Nakashipara

Nakashipara, Nov. 1: The Nadia district administration preferred to “rectify” the mistakes the four teachers of Girdharpur High School in Nakashipara which they committed by signing their attendance register in advance while hiring a local tailor to teach the students so that they could spend blissful hours at home without attending the school.

The softer stand of the Nadia administration became obvious on Wednesday when the District Inspector of schools Mitali Dutta visited the school along with two other officers to check the ‘ground realities’ being advised by Nadia district magistrate Sumit Gupta.

The disciplinary action appeared to be elusive as the DI claimed that the ‘flaws are rectified” and she has instructed the teacher in charge Rinku Banerjee how to ‘regularize everything’.

Asked about what action she would recommend for “absence” of the teachers and their advance signature on the attendance register, DI Mitali Dutta said: “Ami aaj tadonto korey oder trutitakey sangsodhon korar path boley diye esechi aar attendance sob kete-kutey diyechi…esob thik kortey ja kora darker boley diyechi”.

Eventually, there was little difference on the day as only the teacher in charge Rinku Banerjee was present in the school. Teacher in charge Rinku Banerjee said: “Out of the 4 teacher, only I attended school today. Among three others, Anwesha Samanta is on leave as is doing BEd course, Ruma Biswas is on maternity leave and Sipra Sarkar remained absent due to illness of her son”.

“Ami aaj tadonto korey oder trutitakey sangsodhon korar path boley diye esechi aar attendance sob kete-kutey diyechi…esob thik kortey ja kora darker boley diyechi”Mitali Dutta, DI of Schools (Nadia)

Sources said that all the teachers are on “unauthorized leave’ which means they have been absenting from duties without any intimation.

Nevertheless, neither the DI recommended any disciplinary action for the illegal act by the teachers, nor the DM show caused them as told yesterday.

She said: “Our objective is to ensure that the school runs smoothly for which necessary steps being taken. Alternative arrangements would soon be made against two teachers, one of whom is on maternity leave and the other for BED course”.

“At the same time I will try my best so that the school gets adequate number of teachers at the earliest”, the DI added further.

“We have to arrange for alternative for these two teachers at least so that school runs smoothly at least on temporary basis”, she added.

Meanwhile, the administration has asked tailor Safiqul not to enter the campus anymore. He said: “I am being made a villain. I couldn’t understand my fault. They requested to look after students, which I have done voluntarily for three years until August due to tremendous financial problem and wife’s illness. I know my limitations. I was a poor student and got around 49%marks in Madhyamik. I never consider myself as a teacher, if so I could private tuition also. But, I run a small shop where I sell stationary for students and do tailoring jobs. If I was not there the school would have not even opened for several days as teachers used to abstain. The villagers should at least be thankful for this.

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