Side Stories

60Ft Model Of Chaitanyadeva Installed In Nabadweep

A 60ft high fibre glass model of Lord Chaitanyadev was inaugurated by state micro and small scale enterprise and textiles minister Swapan Debnath in Nabadweep’s Prachin Mayapur. The model made by artisan Sushanta Pal of Calcutta, costing about Rupees 50-lakh. was set up at the ‘Thakur Haridham Ashram’ compound. Debnath…

Artisan Makes Miniature Durga Model

Clay artisan Subir Pal working on a miniature model of Goddess Durga at his workshop in the clay model hub of Ghurni in Krishnanagar on Tuesday. There are generally a great demand of such miniature models of the Goddess Durga every year before puja in the domestic market and abroad….

Sujit Draws 90 Sketches Of Mahasweta Devi

NfN NETWORK Ranaghat, Aug. 1: An ardent fan of author Mahasweta Devi and her social initiatives, Sujit Mondal (35), an artiste from Ranaghat Siddheswari Tala lane on Monday paid tribute to the demised author in own way. As an artist, to whom, human faces are the most fascinating subject, Sujit…