Trinamul Means Crime, Corruption And Commission, Narendra Modi Said Attacking The Bengal’s Ruling Party

Prime Minister Narendra Modi entering the venue of his public meeting - Krishnanagar Government College ground on Saturday

Krishnanagar, March 2, 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged that the ruling Trinamul dispensation in Bengal means “crime”, “corruption” and “commission” while claiming that the party-led Bengal government has been putting hindrances in improving health facilities in the state.  In a blistering attack on the Mamata Banerjee government on Saturday in Krishnanagar, he cited the example of Kalyani based in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to which it denied environment clearance, which he linked with Trinamul’s “politics of extortions”. At the same time, he pointed out how corruption has overtaken the governance in Bengal on which people had many expectations.

“A few days ago I dedicated the AIIMS Kalyani to people through video conference. This modern hospital with about 1000 beds comes with several facilities and job opportunities. However, the Government of West Bengal has problems with launching the AIIMS Kalyani. It has difficulties…It said why permission was not taken” Modi said.

“Unless commission is received, Trinamul government denies all permissions”; he alleged claiming the reality behind the denial of the clearance.

Linking the denial of clearance to AIIMS Kalyani with corruption, Modi in an uncanny example alleged that while “extortionists” of the ruling Trinamul Congress enjoy “permission” across the state for “looting and rioting”, the state government tried to put hindrance over the issue of environment to such a big hospital”. “Pahle Commission, fir permission’, he alleged.

West Bengal Pollution Control Board, a Bengal government organization, accused AIIMS Kalyani of not obtaining the environment clearance and slapped a penalty of Rs.15 CR as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), applicable to any project which is spanned over more than an area of 20,000 square metres.

However, Modi reiterated the way the TMC ruled state government functioning, has made people lost in despair. 

“People of Bengal with much expectations, given its mandate in favor of TMC again and again, but Trinamul has become the other name of oppression and treachery”, Modi alleged.

In unequivocal terms, he added, “For Trinamul, not the development of Bengal rather corruption and pariwarvad only matters”.

In a categorical reply to Trinamul’s allegation of suspension of funds from the 100-day job scheme, Modi put a narrative of money meant for the poor beneficiaries was siphoned by creating fake job cards of about 25 lakhs.

“You cannot even dream that 25 lakhs fake job cards were created under the MGNREGA…Young brothers please keep in mind and inform everyone…Those who have not been born at all, but cards created. The money which the poor people were supposed to get, looted by the “extortionists” of Trinamul”, the Prime minister said.

“Now the meaning of TMC has been changed. TMC means Tu-Main-Corruption…” he went on to continue his attack on the state government over corruption.

Trinamul spokesperson and Minister Sashi Panja, however, rubbished Modi’s allegations of fake job cards. She said, “The statement of Narendra Modi made in Krishnanagar is unfortunate. You have deprived 59 lakh beneficiaries in Bengal of their legitimate wage. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of fake job cards. But UP was never deprived only because it has BJP government there”.

Modi also lashed out at the Trinamul Congress government for sheer lawlessness in the state and for its silence over the rule of hooligans that has unleashed terror on innocent people in places like Sandeshkhali.

Speaking at the rally he said, “Trinamul earned the support of people using the slogan of Maa Mati and Manush, but misled them. Now Maa Mati and Manush are crying in the misrule of Trinamul. The sisters of Sandeshkhali continued to appeal for justice. But the Trinamul government did not bother to listen to them”.

Speaking about the state government’s mysterious indifferent approach towards arresting the main accused Shahjahan Sheikh, the Prime Minister alleged that in Bengal it is not the police; rather the criminals decide when to be arrested or to surrender.

“The situation in Bengal is such that it is not the police rather the criminals decide when to surrender or to be arrested. The state government never wanted the culprits in Sandeshkhali to be arrested. But the women power of Bengal stood up as the Durga Shakti and BJP leaders came in support when the state government was compelled to succumb”.

Meanwhile, reacting to Modi’s allegations about AIIMS Kalyani, an official of the state health department said, “The way Prime Minister accused the state government over the “environment” issue, comparing it with an “extortion” attempt is quite “unfortunate”.

“The fact is that the state government has no authority to exempt the amount slapped by PCB. Moreover, the matter is submissive now”, the official added.

Trinamul’s Nadia North organizing district president Debasish Ganguly said, “The state government has a problem with launching of AIIMS Kalyani, except the alleged corruption over several appointments. But the way the Prime Minister has accused the state government of the environmental issue is unexpected. He has spoken a lot about corruption, but he should also how some leaders of his party are involved in corrupt practices over employment at AIIMS Kalyani”.

“It is the Mamata Banerjee-led government that gave 179 acres of land free of cost to the centre to set up AIIMS in Kalyani”, Ganguly added.

Earlier Modi highlighted the significant developmental projects initiated in West Bengal in the past two days, amounting to over Rs. 22,000 crores. These projects aim to bolster the state’s connectivity, electricity, petroleum infrastructure, and port facilities, fostering increased investment and job creation opportunities for the youth, said Modi

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