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Awareness Drive Against Trapping Of Birds With Nets

Krishnanagar, Dec. 10: Responding to repeated appeals made by nature lovers and different organizations to save birds being trapped in nets covering the water bodies and paddy fields, the state forest department has off late flung into action launching an awareness drive since last week putting boards at vulnerable locations across…

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Endangered Griffon Vulture Fell Ill

Villagers in Gorbhanga near Karimpur in Nadia found a griffon vulture lying in a waterbody on Monday afternoon. The villagers said that the huge bird was not in a position to fly initially as it was visibly ill. Aslam Khan, a villager said, “The bird was visibly ill and tired….

Jhulan Goswami, Virat Kohli Gets ‘Bhagawad Gita’ From Iskcon

Mayapur, Nov. 27: International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) has launched its annual book distribution programme, titled ‘Book Distribution Marathon’  early this month. The programme is being carried away by all the major centres of the organisation across the world during November and December. Subroto Das, a spokesperson of Iskcon in…

Veteran Communist And Author Narugopal Ghosh Passed Away

Krishnanagar, Oct. 26: Veteran journalist and author Narugopal Ghosh (83) has passed away on Friday afternoon at Saktingar district hospital in Krishnanagar. Born on June 1, 1935, the elderly author and former CPI leader, was suffering from sodium deficiency apart from old age ailments. He was admitted to the hospital…