Chakdaha Dhanicha School Gets Atal Tinkering Lab

The Atal Tinkering Lab being set up at Dhanicha High School in ChakdahaThe Atal Tinkering Lab being set up at Dhanicha High School in Chakdaha

Chakdah, Jan. 4: A new age science laboratory was inaugurated at Dhanicha High School in Chakdah on the occasion of its foundation day. The laboratory titled as ‘Atal Tinkering Laboratory’, has been set up under centre’s “Atal Innovation Mission” envisaged by Union ministry of human resource development. The mission, being overseen by the NITI Ayog, aims to create “a scientific temper and cultivate the spirit of curiosity and innovation among young minds” through the new age ‘Atal Tinkering Laboratories’.

Dhanicha High School is the only school in the Nadia and one of the 900 selected schools across the country where ‘Atal Tinkering Laboratories’ has been set up. An official of MHRD said that this year 13000 schools had applied for fund for setting up the new age ‘Atal Tinkering Laboratories’.

Head master of Dhanicha High School Partha Chakraborty said: “As per the policy of central government this

A 3D image printer at the lab

3D image printer at the lab

laboratory would help us to find out innovating minds among the students so that their talents could be used for self-employment and for entrepreneurship development. It is like a platform for taking challenges in future, to promote culture of science and technology in technology driven areas”.

“Students will be taught how to make drones, robots, 3D images and supersonic sensors, among other such marvels of science”, added Chakraborty.

One of the main requirements for setting up this laboratory is 1500-sqft room space. To avail the fund, the Dhanicha High School authorities have converted its conference hall into a laboratory.

Under “Atal Innovation Mission”, the selected schools get a grant of Rupees 20-lakh to set up the laboratory along with equipment. Head master Partha Chakraborty said: “The government has already disbursed Rupees 12-lakh to cover initial expenditure. The remaining amount will be disbursed in four annual installments of Rupees 2-lakh each year”.

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