Our Door Is Open, But There Will Be Net To Filter: Dilip

Dilip Ghosh and Mukul RoyDilip Ghosh and Mukul Roy

Kalyani, Oct. 9: State Bharatiya Janata Party president Dilip Ghosh today said that the party leadership would be choosy to accept any leader of other political parties interested to join the BJP.

Making an obvious reference to expelled Trinamul MP Mukul Roy without mentioning his name, he stated that issue of his possible joining to the BJP rests more with the party leadership’s decision than his eagerness to join the party. “But first of all let him announce his eagerness to join us”, Ghosh said.

Replying to a question on the possibility of Mukul Roy’s joining to BJP, the Bengal president said: “Our door is open..but there is net affixed on it, which will act as the filter”.

Explaining his statement to media persons Ghosh said: “We will act to be choosy to allow one to join our party”.

“Amra chhekey, bujhey, dekhey nebo”, he categorically said. “We have not given any clean chit to him. We are not the authority to say so. But, he was not seen taking money in the sting video footage”, Ghosh added.

Creating a fresh speculation about Mukul Roy’s joining to BJP, the Bengal BJP president said: “The door is open as I said, it is big enough, but there would be a net affixed on it which would act as filter. We will allow persons of our choice”, he told media persons during an interaction with the media persons before joining a party workshop in Kalyani.

“There might be many persons interested to join BJP, but it is the BJP officials and its different committees only to decide whom to accept in the party. It is not at all just depending on the person who is interested to join BJP…..The leaders whose image and profile would match our party, would definitely be welcomed to join”, Dilip Ghosh said amidst speculations.

“Amra chhekey, bujhey, dekhey nebo” – Dilip Ghosh

Ghosh, however, said that at present he is having no information of Roy’s joining to BJP. Replying to a question, he said: “I have no such information that Mukul Babu would join the BJP. All I came to know from media. The day he would announce his interest to join the BJP, on that day we would held meeting and decide whether he would at all be accepted or not…Now let him take the decision”.

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