3 More Tested Covid Positive In Nadia, Total Confirmed Case Raised To 12

Krishnagar, May 13: Nadia recorded three more Covid positive patients on Wednesday taking the total number of confirmed positive patients to 12.

The fresh three patients include a nine months old male child from Baro-Kulia village of Bagh-Anchra area of Santipur town, whereas among the two others one is constable attached to Kolkata police from having his residence in Rajapur area near Bethuadahari town and the remaining one is migrant labor from Tehatta. 

Sources in the district administration claimed that the child from Santipur has been suffering from respiratory troubles for the past few months and admitted to a Kolkata based private hospital, which was recently suspended service following at least two of its nurses were tested Covid positive. Parents of the child, who was living in a rented house in Salkia area of Howrah, compelled to return home in Santipur last week.

On May 9 night, the child fell ill when he was advised by a local health unit in Bagh Anchra to take him to Glocal hospital, the dedicated severe acute respiratory infections (SARI) hospital. However, his parents refused to admit him there, instead, they took him to Krishnagar Sadar Hospital. He was, however, later referred to JNM Hospital in Kalyani the next morning. 

Sources in JNM Hospital claimed that the child’s parents too refused to keep him under isolation as advised by the doctors at the pediatric ward for the suspected Covid symptoms. They eventually got him discharged on risk bond and later took him to NRS Hosptial in Kolkata. A doctor at the JNM hospital said, “The mother was the child was not eager to keep him under isolation, instead demanding ICU, which was not possible. She turned restless and not cooperating with the doctors and eventually decided to take away the child signing the risk bond”.

An officer of Nadia’s health system said, “We came to know that the child was eventually taken to the NRS hospital on May 11 where he was tested positive on May 12 night”. 

After the arrival of the report, two nurses of the Krishnagar Sadar hospital, as well as five of his family members and the driver of the ambulance on which he was taken to different hospitals, were sent for quarantine. The Baro-Kulia village area has been declared as a containment zone restricting the movement of the local residents. 

On the other hand, administrative sources claimed that the police constable from the Rajapur area was admitted to a Covid hospital in Kolkata. However, none of his family members was quarantined since they did not come to his contact during the past one month. Family sources said following the announcement of the lockdown, the constable could not manage to visit his home in Nadia owing to professional obligations.

Meanwhile, the third positive patient, a migrant labor went missing after he gave a swab sample for the Covid test after he returned Krishnagar along with others through an arrangement made by the state government. The test report confirmed him Covid positive. Sources said that while recording his details, his address was erroneously left out and only mobile phone number was recorded. On Wednesday afternoon, police traced out him from Krishnagar and sent to the dedicated Covid hospital in Kalyani.

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