Allegation Of HIV Transmission Against Kalyani JNM Hospital’s Dialysis Unit

JNM Hospital and College of Medicine, KalyaniJNM Hospital and College of Medicine, Kalyani

Kalyani, April 25: The state government has ordered an internal probe following a person has lodged a complaint before the Health University that he and at least five others were transmitted HIV while taking dialysis at the Kalyani-based College of Medicine & JNM Hospital recently.

Acting with alacrity the Medical College authorities constituted a high-level fact-finding team headed by the Medical Superintendent to look into the matter and to submit a report within three days. The report will be submitted to the Vice Chancellor of the West Bengal Health University, Avijit Mukherjee, Principal of COM&JNMH-Kalyani told reporters on Tuesday.

The 8 members probe team will be comprised of the Medical Superintendent, the Additional medical superintendent, a Former Principal, the Head of Department (Microbiology), the Head of Department (Surgery), the Head of Department (Medicine), an Assistant Superintendent, and the Office Superintendent, said the Principal.

On Monday, the health directorate received a complaint about the lackadaisical infrastructure of the dialysis unit of the JNM Hospital, where owing to the sheer negligence of the staff, patients were transmitted HIV while taking dialysis. The complainant has alleged that a common needle is used for administering medicine to the patients. He also alleged poor sterilization facilities at the dialysis unit.

COM&JNMH-Kalyani Principal Avijit Mukherjee prima facie ruled out the allegation. Speaking to the reporters he said, “We have 10 separate beds at the dialysis unit. Out of these 10 beds, 5 beds are for general patients, 4 for Hepatitis patients, and the remaining 1 bed is exclusively for HIV patients. All patients are treated separately with individual kits and no question of using common equipment arises at all”.

“Nevertheless, we would inquire if any lapses of negligence occurred that might lead to such allegations”, the Principal further said

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