Three Construction Workers Died Inside Septic Tank In Bhimpur

Villagers peep inside the septic tank where three construction workers died due to inhaling poisonous gas.

Krisjnaganj, April 25: Three construction workers died apparently of

while trying to remove wooden planks from the newly constructed concrete walls of a septic tank in Nadia’s Bhimpur on Tuesday afternoon. The bizarre incident occurred at the residence of one Dipak Biswas, in the Natunpara area of Bhimpur.

One laborer first went inside and fell unconscious; while two others followed him at gaps getting no response after a considerable time and met the same fate

Scared of the situation the local residents called the police, who rushed in and brought them outside demolishing the newly built septic tank using an excavator. The three laborers were rushed to the Krishnaganj block hospital, where attending doctors declared them brought dead.

The victims are identified as Shuvendu Dey (28), Suman Biswas (27), and Amrito Biswas (32).

Police and local sources said that laborers were working over the past four months to build a new residential house for Dipak Biswas in the Natunpara area. The new septic tank, a part of the building project, was built about a month ago. “Today the laborers decided to remove the wooden planks and bamboo poles that were required for another construction project. So Suman first got into the 10 ft deep tank. As soon as he entered the tank, we heard a scream for help. It appeared he fell unconscious. Getting no response from him, two other laborers stepped inside one by one and fell unconscious soon. Realizing that they all fell ill, we all became afraid and called the police and fire service team, who brought them out demolishing the tank…but it was too late”
An attending doctor said, “It appears that poisonous gas was formed inside the tank as it was kept closed from the top. The laborers apparently died due to inhaling poisonous gas”.

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