Biman Wished To Be ‘Relieved’ From Party Committees For Age

Biman Bose in Haringhata on Monday

Haringhata, Nov. 22: Senior CPM leader and Left Front chairman Biman Bose has wished to be “relieved” from all “party committees” soon to pave the way for new faces in the leadership. 

Bose, now 81, and party’s Politburo member, has attributed the age factor for such decision and advised that the party should repose faith in the younger leaders who once played key role behind growth of the party organization. 

He, however, did not indicate any specific timeline about his proposed exit.

He told this while speaking at a condolence meeting of former party MLA Nani Malakar in Nadia’s Haringhata on Monday evening.

Clarifying his decision owing to the age factor, Bose said, “There is no question of continuing in the leadership anymore. This should be unethical”.

“It is not just I have decided so. Even if i wish to stay it will not be possible for me. I told this to our state secretary Surya Kanta Mishra in the last state conference. We have certain regulations. So I told him that I should be  relieved from all party committees’, Bose further said in his speech.

Indicating that such a decision is need of the time, the octogenarian leader said, “You may wonder why I am saying this…because the new ones should be given the responsibilities in the leadership”.

“The new young faces once had played the key role in developing the party. People like M.N Roy was there who was below 30 then”, he said.

Taholey notunder upor bhorsha rakha jabey na keno”, he apparently raised a question for the existing leadership that is yet to bring new faces in the top leadership.

Categorically announcing that he wouldn’t be in any commitee of the party, he reiterated to work for the party as a common member. “i  will not be in any committee, but will remain in the party and obey all the directives and the do the job the leadership would assign me”, he told the packed house.

“As a party member I have no choice”, he said

Clarifying his wish to work as a common member without any committee or port folio, he reiterated, “Even about attending the district conferences I told Surya Kanta Mishra about my no choice. I will go wherever he would  advice. Similarly I will perform whatever jobs the leadership would ask me to do”.

Jara party koren tader modhye ei manovab thaka uchit”, he further told the partymen to develop the mentality to work without any official status in the party or portfolio, rather as a common member.

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