Fair To Revive Memory Of Gopal Bhanr

Entrance of the fair venue in Krishnanagar. Picture by Pranab Debnath


Krishnanagar, March 29: In an endeavor to make the young generation aware about life and timeless humours of eminent court jester Gopal Bhand of Nadia king Krishnachanra Roy (1710-1783), the Krishnanagar Municipality in an unprecedented initiative has come up to organize a seven day long dedicated fair after his name.

The initiative titled as “Gopal Bhand Mela” organized by Gopal Bhand Memorial Committee in association with Krishnanagar Municipality, Raktajaba club and Sanskritik cultural group began today at the Karbala ground in Krishnanagar with unusual pomp and cheers.

The fair was inaugurated by Nadia zilla sabhadhipati Banikumar Roy.

In the next seven days discussion, seminars, film shows, live dramatic representation of Gopal Bhand’s satire will be organized at the fair to fascinate the young generation and children.

The organizers have also decided to explore and analyse the managerial skill of the witty court jester as lesson for the students , considering the way he often handled the difficult situation and saved his boss King Krishnachanra Roy from sheer embarrassment.

Krishnanagar Municipality chairman Ashim Kumar Saha said: “This is most probably the first initiative in the state to bring back the memory of Gopal Bhanr who has almost gone to oblivion. We are hopeful that people would find enough perspective in the witty works of Gopal Bhanr to handle their problem in the light of contemporary issues, which have now become legendary tales”.

Ardent Gopal Bhand fan Asit Saha, a Trinamul Congress councilor from the town, who is the brain behind the initiative said: : “It is a tribute the great humorist to mark his 300 birth anniversary, who is often compared with mughal king Akbar’s advisor Birbal. Our aim is to make Gopal Bhand popular among the young generation who had a unique sense of brain storming humor and unparallel managerial skill to handle difficult situation. We would advocate the young generation to study his life and satires so that they could learn something from him and preach their next generation similarly”.

There are doubts about authenticity of Gopal bhanr’s physical authenticity. But, researchers claimed that he originally born in Murshidabad district.

His original name was Gopal Nai, son of Dulal Chandra Nai. The exact date and year of birth could not be retrieved. But author Nagendra Nath Das  in his book “Nabadweep Kahini baa Maharaj Krishnachandra O Gopalbhanr’ has claimed that said that Gopal while staying with his elder brother Kalyan Chandra, a manager to a zaminder in Hooghly’s Khanakul Gopal was noticed by King Krishnachanra Roy, who appointed him as his court jester once he became the king of Nadia (1728). Since then the witty jester became a resident of Ghurni in Nadia, where councilor Asit Saha a few years ago set his fiber glass bust.

Saha said: “Gopal Bhan’r existence is matter of history and beyond any questionable doubt.  He never bit own trumpet. Thousands of tales uttered by a person involving contemporary social economic issues cannot be mere fictitious. At a time when children used to remain glued to the television screen watching cartoon shows and their parents preferred to feel relaxed, Gopal’s tale could provide them a different lesson with values. So we have tried to revive his memory back”.

Chairman Ashim kumar saha said: “A large section of the people in this town still have no idea that Gopal once lived in this town and his legendary tales were associated with his town”.

Malay Chandra Das, a retired CESC employee, living in Sukia Street of Calcutta, who known to be a descendant of Gopal Bhan’r and an invited guest to the fair said: “I am happy to know the initiative of Krisna nagar municipality, who decided to revive Gopal Bhanr’s memory and to bring him back from oblivion. I express my sincere gratitude on behalf of this great person’s family”.


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