Lord Jagannath In Mayapur Offered 50Kg’s Veg Cake On Christmas Eve

The special veg cake before offered to Lord Jagannath at Iskcon Mayapur.
Mayapur, Dec. 23: For the first time at ISKCON in Mayapur, a giant cake laced with chocolate, vanilla, and other sweet creams weighing 50 kg was offered before Lord Jagannath on Wednesday to mark the beginning of the Christmas celebration. The 6 ft long cake stuffed with dry fruits was baked in front of the deities of Lord Jagannath, Baladev, and Subhadra by 4  chefs of a Calcutta based confectioner (Monginis) before it was offered as puja. The cake had a topping of Tulasi leaves since as per scriptures Lord Jagannath gleefully accepts all offerings with Tulasi over it, said a spokesperson of Iskcon. “After verifying that the confectioner offering genuine vegetarian cake and pastry,  we allowed them to prepare and offer the cake before the Lord”, Director of ISKCON Mayapur Madhava Gauranga Das said. 120 students of Iskcon Gurukul were served mouth-watering cakes prepared by the confectioner as “prasad” on the occasion. Picture courtesy Iskcon, Mayapur.

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