Trinamul Captures CPM Office In Thanarpara

By NfN Network

Thanarpara, Aug. 1: A group of about one hundred violent Trinamul Congress activists on Sunday night allegedly broke open a CPM branch committee office in Nadia’s Thanarpara and occupied it a little after four CPM members of the local Natidanga-II panchayat controlled by the party joined the ruling party.
Eye witnesses said that a section of Trinamul supporters who attended the party meeting barely 150 meter away that was organised to hand over the party flags to the new entrants, rushed to the CPM’s Thanarapara (North) branch committee office and allegedly occupied it by putting party flags and removing party hoardings and banners.

On Sunday evening Trinamul gained control over the 13 member Natidanga panchayat after four out of seven CPM members including Pradhan Mazidul Khan joined them.

Local Trinamul MLA Mohua Moitra who handed over the party flags to the new entrants, was present at the venue of the meeting when her party activists attacked the CPM office. She, however, claimed ignorance about the incident.

An angry Trinamul MLA said: “I have no idea of such rubbish allegation and do not even want to comment on it”.

CPM’s Karimpur zonal committee secretary Ajoy Biswas said: “The Trinamul MLA might be unaware of what her party activists have done, but that does not mean the allegation is baseless and rubbish”.
“We have already verbally appraised the local police about the incident and would lodge specific complaint on the matter even though we know it would hardly make any difference. On May 19 after announcement of poll results, a group of Trinamul supporters in similar way broke open our office and ransacked it entering inside. But police done nothing”, Biswas added.

A senior police officer said: ‘We are aware of the incident. The CPM leadership has also appraised us about it over phone. But, we could not so far initiate action in absence of complaint. But, the spot is under our vigilance to avoid any tension”.

According to local sources, at about 6pm on Sunday a group of Trinamul workers led by local booth committee president Ismail Biswas attacked the CPM office.

Siddique Husain Sheikh, a member of the CPM’s Thanarpara (North) branch committee member said: “I and my fellow party comrade Samsul Biswas was stood near the party office when the Trinamul supporters rushed in and broke opened the lock hitting it with brick. We tried to resist, but they threatened us. They then entered inside and thrown out party flags, documents, photographs of Jyoti Basu outside. The party hoarding also put off instead they inserted Trinamul flags all over the office”.

Accused Trinamul leader Ismail Biswas said: “I heard some Trinamul supporters gathered in front of the party office, but I was not present there and have no idea what they have done”.

Trinamul’s local block president Afazuddin Biswas also claimed ignorance on the occupation of CPM office.
The CPM leadership has meanwhile blamed newly elected Trinamul MLA Mohua Moitra for the attack.
CPM Karimpur zonal committee secretary Ajoy Biswas said: “The Trinamul MLA has become desperate eliminate CPM from Karimpur constituency and to take control of the panchayat bodies won by us in last panchayat elections. During the last two months out of 14 panchayat bodies under Karimpur-I and II block, Trinamul has taken control of the 11 CPM ruled panchayats luring our members. She has also managed to take control both the two panchayat samities. Yesterday’s attack was an outcome of this desperation to grab control”.

Moitra said: “The CPM members have switched over on their choice, we have not invited them”.

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