‘Work Hard In Silence, Let Success Make Noise’: Mashelkar

Professor RA Mashelkar handing over medal to a student at the 5th convocation of IISER-K on Friday in MohonpurProfessor RA Mashelkar handing over medal to a student at the 5th convocation of IISER-K on Friday in Mohonpur


Professor R.A.Mashelkar at IISER-Kolkata on Friday

Professor R.A.Mashelkar at IISER-Kolkata on Friday

Mohonpur, May 27: Eminent engineer professor R.A.Mashelkar today urged the budding scientists not to complain for scarcity of opportunities in the country, but to keep their aspirations live to build an enterprising mindset. He told the students that a combination of ‘scarcity’ and ‘aspiration’ can create ‘game-changing innovations’.

Professor Mashelkar, who is the former Director General of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) told this in his speech as the chief guest at the 5th convocation of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-Kolkata (IISER-K) that held in Mohonpur today.

The elderly engineer, who is also a Fellow of Royal Society (FRS) and currently working as the president of Global Research Alliance, a network of publicly funded research and development institute from Asia-Pacific, Europe and USA with over 60000 scientists made an inspiring submission to the budding talents of the Nation.

He advised the young minds to keep their aspirations at high. “Your aspirations are your possibilities, so keep your aspirations high and never complain about scarcity. Because scarcity and aspirations can make innovations”, he told the students, who got their five years BS-MS degrees and PhD. In vividly drawn encouraging words, he told the students to work hard as this has no alternative.

“Never do mind to work hard. Work hard in silence and let success make the noise”, Mashelkar said.

Professor Mashelkar’s Success Mantra – 1) Aspirations are possibilities, Keep them high 2) No substitute for hard work to be successful 3) Don’t wait for opportunities to knock your door, build a door rather 4) Don’t approve other’s limitations as yours 5) Make your mindset broad and go limitless

Students celebrating success at IISER-K

Students celebrating success at IISER-K

He also advised the students not to wait for the opportunities to knock door. He said: “If opportunity does not knock, build a door rather”.

The elderly professor believes that it is the mindset that matters. “You will require not only new minds, but new mind sets. Then only you will achieve success”, he told the students.

He also advised them not to approve other’s negativity as own. “When someone tells you that it cannot be done, take it as a reflection of his or her limitation, not yours”, he advised.

At the same time the elderly Padmashree awarded engineer advised the students to make their mind broad enough beyond all barriers – “limitless” one. He said: “There is no limit to human endurance, no limit to human imagination and no limit to human achievement, except the limit you put on your mind. So go limitless”.

Professor Mashelkar handed over medals to the students after his speech.

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