AIIMS Kalyani Begun Biochemical Diagnostic Testa, Installed Vitros 4600 Analyzer

Vitros 4600 dry analyzer at AIIMS - KalyaniVitros 4600 dry analyzer

Kalyani, Aug. 1: All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) -Kalyani has launched biochemical diagnostic test services by installing a fully automated dry chemistry analyzer for its patients from this week.

Patients visiting the premier health care institution in Kalyani now will be able to check their routine biochemistry parameters like renal function test, liver function test, lipid profile, proteins, anemia profile, and many other aspects through this comprehensive automated random access system named “Vitros 4600” developed and marketed by a US-based company.

The dry analyzer that runs on the US-FDA-approved micro-slide and micro-tip technology does not require any external water resource to perform the clinical biochemistry assays. The system provides accurate results in a very short time using a very small sample. The device can perform 845 tests per hour, an AIIMS-Kalyani official said.

AIIMS-Kalyani is the second among the 15 AIIMS in the country after the New Delhi unit where such a unique platform has been installed”, a spokesperson of AIIMS Kalyani told The NfN.

AIIMS-Kalyani sources said that the new system has been installed under a ‘reagent rental’ agreement with the company, which made the installation apparently free of cost.

‘Reagent rental’ agreement is an increasingly popular alternative to purchase under which a manufacturer provides the system to the ‘buyer’ (AIIMS) with the provision that it will purchase reagents and other accessories exclusively from the manufacturer. The price of the regents incorporates a charge for the use of the analyzer.

On January 27 this year AIIMS Kalyani commenced clinical services by launching the outdoor department for limited patients. At present only 100 patients are being provided service at the OPD at General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), Psychiatry department through prior appointment from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 1 PM.

Speaking to The NfN about the new system, the head of the Biochemistry department of Professor Kalyan Goswami said, “Installation of the dry-chemistry analyzer is a major step towards an accurate diagnosis of diseases”.

“Apart from getting accurate data of all the routine biochemistry parameters, other parameters like rheumatology, cardiac enzymes, therapeutic drug monitoring along with drug abuse detection as well as the tests for critical parameters like D-Dimer, Hs-CRP, LDH will also be made possible through this analyzer within short time using a very small sample which will be very effective for better patient management”, Professor Goswami further added.

A spokesperson of AIIMS-Kalyani claimed that the new device will help the organization to keep its commitment towards a ‘green and clean environment while at the same time saving huge quantities of water.

“Since the dry analyzer system functions without water, it will save around 160000 liters of water per year. At the same time, the environment will also remain safe since the system does not generate biological liquid waste which m-kes the disposal easier”, the spokesperson said.

“We are hopeful that with the installation of this modern diagnostic system AIIMS-Kalyani will be able to ensure best patient care and also be able to make better outreach to the patients across the state”, the spokesperson added.

The construction work for AIIMS-Kalyani had begun in 2016 on 179.82 acres of land allotted by the Bengal Government in the Basantapur area near Kalyani town.

At present work under the second phase of construction is going on. At the same time development of infrastructure outside the premises that include a four-lane road, bus bay, and a police station is underway to ensure full-fledged inauguration of patients service including indoor service scheduled for September this year.

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