Elderly Woman Gang Raped; Police Refused to Take Complaint

Elderly woman gang rapedElderly woman gang raped

Krishnanagar, Dec. 18: A 50 year old woman from Nadia’s Krishnanagar, has alleged that the police refused to register her complaint despite she was gang raped by three youths on December 15 night and forced her to sign on complaint written by them only to accuse the youths of abusing her verbally and damaging her house by a hammer.

The incident, however, has caused embarrassment to the district police administration as Saktinagar district hospital authorities, where the woman was admitted yesterday, said that preliminary investigations suggests that the woman was raped.

In the complaint dated December 16, purportedly lodged at Krishnanagar police station, the woman, a resident of Nazirapara has stated that three neighboring youth Rabi Basak Tinku Seikh, Sarajit Durlabh entered into her house at about 11pm on the night on December 15. They tried to damage her house, made of corrugated sheet, by hammer. But, they left once she raised an alarm.

But, on Monday daughter of the elderly woman alleged that her mother was raped. She admitted her to saktinagar district hospital and demanded a medical examination to confirm the alleged rape.

Daughter of the elderly woman said: “My mother was afraid decided to lodge the complaint of rape little late as she was afraid of attack by the miscreants. She, however, ,made her mind and went to police station. But, the police officer insisted to write a complaint of assault and forced her to sign a complaint prepared by them”.

The woman said: “I wanted to lodge specific complaint of rape, but the police officer did not allow us to write it. They insisted us to complaint only about the damage cause by the three miscreants to my house”.

Sheeh Ram Jhajharia

SR Jhajharia

“We have so far not received any complaint of rape. None from the woman’s family has lodged any complaint accusing police officers for forcing her to write anything different than what actually happened. Nevertheless, based on what she and her daughter told to media, We will conduct a probe to see if she was really forced to write anything against her wish” – Sheesh Ram Jhajharia, SP – Nadia

Sachindra Nath Sarkar, superintendent of Saktinagar district hospital said: “After preliminary medical examination it appeared to us that one or more persons have raped her. However, to be sure enough we have collected swabs from her private parts and sent for medical examination”.

Nadia police superintendent Sheesh Ram Jhajharia said: “We have so far not received any complaint of rape. None from the victim’s family has also told me that police officers forced her to write anything different than what actually happened. On the other hand, the hospital authority so far not communicated any medical report to police confirming the rape. Even though there is no complaint of rape, we will conduct a probe into the matter to find out what actually happened. At the same time, based on the verbal allegation as told to media by the woman and her daughter, I will investigate whether police any officer had at all forced to write complaint anything against her wish”.

Police meanwhile, arrested the three accused and produced them before a court in Krishnanagar yesterday who were ordered five days jail custody.

An officer of Krishnanagar police station said: “We will appeal the court for her statement under section 164 of CrPC once she is released from the hospital”

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