Father Abducts Breastfeeding Son To Settle Score With Wife

MamataMother Mamata Biswas

Chakdah, June 14: A migrant labour from Nadia’s Chakdah has allegedly abducted his 13-months old breastfeeding baby apparently to settle a score with his wife with whom he is having a conjugal differences. The mother of the baby has lodged a police complaint against her husband seeking help to trace out him. However, even after four days, police took little step except insisting to accept the woman that the baby is alright with his father.

Finding no way, Mamata Biswas, mother of the baby has made a written appeal to Superintendent of police, Ranaghat to help her finding out him being afraid that he could be died in absence of his diet.

She has also appealed to the District Child Protection Officer and Child Line, an NGO working for children to help her to trace out the baby.

“My husband is unemployed since lockdown. He has no money and I suspect him having bad intentions. He escaped with my breastfeeding baby. He does not feed anything else. It is almost four days gone and I am afraid that he could die…”, said Mamata Biswas breaking down in tears.

Local sources said that on June 11, Bablu Biswas, 35, a mason by profession, escaped with his baby son Rishav from their rented house in the Kanthalpuli-Nimtala area of Chakdah town following an altercation with his wife Mamata when she was working outside. Since he did not return with the baby by the evening and his phone was found switched off, his wife with the support of the house-owner begun a search.

“Late in the night, my mother in law Mina Biswas found my baby at a relative’s house in Jahra area of Chakdah. But, when she was returning home my husband beat up her and snatched away the baby again. It appeared that he wants to harm the child. So I lodged a police complaint. But police so far had done nothing”. Mamata said.

Houseowner Biswarup Banerjee, “Police appears to be satisfied claiming the baby is with father, but could not realize his bad intention. We are afraid that such callousness on their party does not turn fatal for the baby”.

Nadia district child protection officer Anindya Das said, “The father may be the biological guardian but it appears that he has a bad intention. Moreover, since the victim is a breastfeeding baby, he must be allowed to stay with his mother. As per the  Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, it is the duty of the police to trace out the baby and return to his mother.

As per the JJ Act, every district police authority has a special Juvenile Police unit, and the second officer of a police station is the designated Juvenile Welfare Police Officer. So police cannot ignore its role in such a manner. This is quite unfortunate”, DCPO Anindy Das added.

Superintending of Ranaghat police district V.S.R. Ananthnag said, “I am looking into the matter and hopeful to trace out the baby soon”. 

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