Father Of First Covid 19 Positive Patient Flouted Precuationary Norms

Krishnagar, March 18: A day after the Bengal bureaucrat’s son tested positive with Covid 19, the state administration came to know that his father a doctor with Krishnagar Municipality had treated a number of patients in Krishnagar based private chambers and worked in close proximity with around half a dozen of officials for about two days after receiving his son at the airport on Sunday.

The doctor a reputed pediatric has been put under the Rajarhat quarantine facility along with his wife on Wednesday.

However, his sheer carelessness with an apparent attempt to suppress his son’s infection has angered the officials of the Krishnagar Municipality as well as the Nadia district administration, who have launched an initiative to trace out the persons and the patients who came in his contact.

The medical fraternity in the state is also seriously annoyed as the medical officer and her bureaucrat wife had desperately ignored the advice of the doctors at the airport and at the Bangur hospital for the immediate admission of their son to Beleghata ID hospital.

Meanwhile, as a precautionary measure the Krishnagar Municipality authorities on Wednesday have conducted a medical examination on five of its officials including two lady officers and later put them under home isolation.

The district administration, which on the other hand came to know that on Monday he treated at least 37 children, has launched an effort to trace out the patients and their parents who also accompanied them in his chamber.

“This is sheer callousness and shocking behavior from a doctor. It is beyond my imagination that being a doctor how could he acted in so irresponsible manner”, said Krishnagar Municipality chairman Ashim Kumar Saha.

Sources said, the Medical officer on Monday morning attended his duties at the Health wing of Krishnagar Municipality after returning from Calcutta and treated patients at his chambers.

“It appears that he acted like an illiterate person. He performed his duties on Monday. He met our officials and received their reports on many projects. At least five staff of the municipality worked in close proximity with him on Monday and Tuesday. After knowing about their close interaction with him, immediately examined them and sent them to isolation. It is quite unexpected”, municipality chairman Saha added.

Earlier in the day Medical Officer’s association with the first COVID 19 positive case went viral in social media. A number of panicked persons made contact with district administration to check the reality, which became a matter of concern to it.

Nadia District Magistrate Vibhu Goel said, “I have heard about the medical officer. A team has been engaged to investigate his extent of involvement during the past two days. At the same time, our team has been trying best to identify the people who came in contact with the Medical Officer. Once identified we will put them in isolation under medical observation”.

Sources said that the Medical Officer left Krishnagar on Tuesday night only after he was summoned by the officials of the health department.

Meanwhile, the role of the medical officer and his bureaucrat wife angered the medical fraternity.

A doctor attached to Beleghata ID hospital said, “The way the couple handled the issue is quite unfortunate. The boy’s mother desperately exploited her official position and went on to ignore the instructions of the doctor. It was a strongly suspected case when doctors at the airport advised the couple to take their son to Beleghata Hospital. But they ignored. The same advice was given by the doctors at the Bangur hospital when again they ignored. The boy could only be admitted when we came to know about him being informed by the doctors of the two institutions”.

If such a highly placed educated couple behaves in such a manner the efforts if the administration would be in trouble, the doctor added.

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