J.P.Nadda Alleged Jungle Raaj In Bengal; Asked BJP Workers To Focus On Trinamul’s Corruptions

BJP National President J.P.Nadda speaking at a public meeting in Bethuadahari on Thursday.

Bethuadahari, Jan. 19:  BJP President J.P.Nadda on Thursday asked the party workers in Bengal to focus on the corruption of the ruling Trinamul and to make people aware of how it deprived them of their benefits of the different central sponsored welfare schemes like Awas Yojna. 

After speaking at a public meeting in Nadia’s Bethuadahari, Nadda in close door meeting Nadda explained the strategies of Jan Sampark Aviyan undertaken by the party, while categorically directing the leadership to begin a door-to-door outreach programme even in the remotest areas in a simple manner to appraise them about Trinamul’s corruption. At the same time, he told the leadership to strengthen the organization and party infrastructure that can be strong enough to challenge the Trinamul in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The strategy should be stringently executed in Parliamentary constituencies like Krishnanagar, where Muslim play a decisive role forming the major part of the electorate, and chances of polarization are very poor, party sources said.

“Go to villages…reach people and tell them what they deserve and how they are being deprived of their rights due to large-scale corruptions of Trinamul Congress….tell people how government funds are being misused….and adopt all measures to appraise people even using social media”, Nadda told in the cloze door meeting,  claimed a party leader.

“We need to strengthen cadres and reach people and strengthen communication making it clear that the Bengal government putting hurdles before their deserving welfare”, BJP’s Bengal minder Mangal Singh told The NfN, explaining party strategy.

Earlier speaking at the rally, his first one after the party’s National Executive Council gave an extension of his term as President, Nadda alleged that Bengal has been going through a ‘Jungle Raaj’ and people and days are not far away when people would give a befitting reply.

“Public can teach all a lesson and you will not be an exception…”, Nadda said targeting Trinamul Congress.

“Narendra Modi has been providing funds and they have been eating up money….they even did not spare funds for the toilet project…we will nab everyone and put them in jail”, Nadda said.

BJP has adopted a meticulous plan mending all shortcomings aiming to increase its seats in Bengal in next year’s Lok poll. BJP has short-listed 24 seats as the most prospective. While the party would try to polarise voters, it is at the same time planning to apply focus on the corruption of Trinamul and deprival of central schemes in seats like Krishnanagar, where Muslim share a large part of the electorate and play a decisive role.

A BJP leader of Krishnanagar North organizing district said, “Fighting a poll in a seat like Krishnanagar is quite tough for us. The 46% Muslim votes made the difference in the last three Lok Sabha elections. Muslim have been made to believe that BJP is an enemy party. Now the central leadership has told us to penetrate Muslim belts to overcome the misconception and to make them understand how Trinamul has been cheating them depriving the benefits of central schemes…Winning their heart can yield positive results in Muslim-dominated seats like Krishnanagar..”

BJP’s Bengal minder MP Mangal Singh refused to acknowledge any area-specific plan. While speaking to The NfN he said, “Our strategy is very clear…We need to reach people and tell them about the welfare schemes offered by the Narendra Modi government”

“We would tell people that there are many schemes which the Bengal govt did not allow to implement and there are many also which they were deprived of due to corruption. We need to expose it and create a support base for us, “Mangal Sing said.

BJP would hold a state executive body meeting on Saturday in which further plans will be explored.

Earlier in the morning J.P.Nadda landed at a helipad inside Iskcon premises in Mayapur and take a tour of the under-construction Vedic planetarium. He took a golf car ride inside and offered puja at the Panchatattwa temple. 

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