Lady Cop Beats Up College Girl In Facebook Post Reprisal

Lady constable speaking on her phoneLady constable speaking on her phone

Krishnanagar, Jan. 18: Krishnanagar Women’s Police wing has started an investigation into alleged assault of a college going girl by a woman traffic constable whom she had photographed on her mobile busy speaking on her phone without caring to address a traffic congestion in Krishnanagar town on December 28 last year. The lady constable allegedly beaten up the girl as she later posted those photgraphs to her facebook wall to draw public attention which eventually went viral causing sheer embarrassment to the police administration.

Lisa Das

Lisa Das

Today a probe has been startred by the police on the basis of a complaint lodged by the girl, Lisa Das, a BA first year student and resident of Radhanagar area of the town. The accused constable identified as Bulbuli Mandal has been “closed”  and shunted to District police line until the investigation is completed.

Complainant Lisa Das, 20, a first year BA student of DL Roy College, who works as a part time computer operator at a medicine shop near Sadar more in Krishnanagar earned wrath of the accused constable when she posted the pictures to her facebook showing her dereliction in duty that caused traffic congestion.

But, an angry lady constable Bulbuli, who is mother of a 3 year old child, attacked Lisa at the Debnath Pharmacy, her workplace on January 13 constable along with some other colleagues. She beaten up her in public and threatened her of dire consequences if she dares to make any such post further. The entire episode was caught on the CCTV camera of the shop.  Nevertheless, since then the constable and her colleagues started abusing her over the assault, prompting her to lodge the complaint.

The picture snapped by Lisa shows that Bulbul in her uniform speaking on her mobile at traffic guard point, while bikers without helmet riding freely.

“I took her close snaps as traffic snarl at peak hours is common problem in Sadar More. I often seen from shop that the constable speaking on her mobile phone caring little about the congestion. During the week, police undertaken road care awareness under safe drive-save life programme. I was a member of citizen volunteers’ force and took part in such awareness initiative in school life. So watching her speaking on phone during rush hours, I felt irritated and took some snaps which I later posted it to my Facebook page to draw the attention of people and administration.On January 13, she came to my workplace and beaten up in public. Even after that she and colleagues started abusing me on road and threatened further punishment if I dared to lodge complaint today”, Lisa, a resident of Radha nagar area.

“Receiving the complaint officer in charge of women police station Ranu Mita Roy advised her to beg apology, but she remained adamant. Some of colleagues told me for an amicable settlement, which I rejected, Lisa, daughter of a bus syndicate employee, said.

Lady constable speaking on her phone

Lady constable speaking on  phone

Today after examining the video footage of assault by the constable, which prima facie confirmed the allegations as true, senior police officials directed the women police station to start probe.

OC Traffic Krishnanagar Sadar Partha Pratim Mandal said: “I have seen the pictures, which, do not prove any traffic congestion. However, the constable has done wrong assaulting the girl, who has apparently done nothing wrong”. 

“If the posted pictures were morphed ones, the constable even then would not have any right to take law in own hand”, a police officer said. Accused constable Bulbul refused to speak to comment on allegations against her. 

Nadia additional superintendent of police (HQ) Dinesh Kumar said: “We have started investigation into the matter. The accused constable has been closed. Legal Action would be taken against her once investigation findings are received”. The ASP, however, did say nothing whether any similar action would be initiated against the other cops who were accompanying the lady constable and mutely watched her assaulting the girl.

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