Lord Jagannath’s Holy Snanyatra Festival Celebrated At Iskcon’s Rajapur Temple

The deity of Lord Jagannath being given the bath at Rajapur templeThe deity of Lord Jagannath being given the bath at Rajapur temple

Rajapur, June 17: Devotees of Iskcon celebrated the holy Snan Yatra festival at the Rajapur temple near Mayapur on Monday. Around five thousand devotees from across the globe took part in  the festival. The day is otherwise observed as the holy appearance day of Lord Jagannath in the material world. The festivities began early in the morning with  Mangal Aarti followed by a delightful  dance presentation of Geet Govindam by students of Bhaktivedanta National School. Later the deities of Lord Jagannath as well as Balaram and Subhadra were brought to the Snan Vedi or bathing altar. The deities were given bath various substances such as Ganga water, milk, ghee, honey, yogurt, fruit juices, scented water and coconut water.  It    continued till late in the afternoon amidst chanting of melodious devotional songs rendered by the devotees. Later in the evening abhishek of the  deity of Lord Jagannath along with his siblings was performed at the Prabhupad Ghat on the banks of the river Ganga. (NfN)

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