Low Lying Areas Close To Bhagirathi In Mayapur Inundated

Inundated areas in Mayapur. Picture by Pranab DebnathInundated areas in Mayapur. Picture by Pranab Debnath

Mayapur, Oct. 13: Several low lying areas close to the embankment of river Bhagirathi under Nabadweep-1 and II blocks in Nadia have been flooded as the river course was inundated due to release of water from different dams in Bihar following heavy rains there.

Areas like Varuidanga, Srinathpur, Ganjadanga, Nidaya,Mayapur under Bamunpukuar-Maypur-1 gram panchayat have been inundated as people have been evicted to flood shelter. Regular classes in at least four schools have been suspended. Crops at about 200 acres of arable land have been damaged. If more water is discharged from the Bihar based dams and any local depression is caused, a flood like situation will arise

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