Mamata’s Federal Front Will Never Born: Mukul

BJP's Mukul Roy in Krishnanagar on Friday

Krishnanagar, March 30: BJP leader Mukul Roy today said that a united federal front of opposition parties being conceived by Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee is an absurd proposition. The former Trinamul leader and Rajya Sabha MP told in Krishnanagar that the front would never born at all.

Speaking to the media persons at the Nadia district BJP party office, Roy said the Trinamul supremo became crazy to become Prime Minister of the country and so rushed to Delhi to hobnob with some opposition leaders ignoring volatile law and order situation in Raniganj, Asansol and many parts of North 24Parganas and Hooghly district.  “She is nurturing the possibility because she wants to become the prime minister, a dream which would never see daylight”, Mukul Roy told reporters on his way to party workshops in Tehatta and Karimpur.

“It is really amazing to note that how she being a leader of a party with less then 40 MPs can think to become a leader of the yet to born Federal Front. A leader of opposition with poor number of MPs in his kitty ideally should never think to lead such coalition front. This is a day dream.

“Such proposition has been tested in the past. Senior politicians like former prime ministers H.D.Devogouda and Chandrasekhar had the bitter experience of such week front, who ultimately had to give up by submitting their resignations. Unless a party owns more than 100 seats in parliament, it should never think to lead a front. Mamata Banerjee should learn this reality from the past even though her such endeavor would always help the BJP in the national politics”, Roy added.

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