Ram Navami Rally Organised To Ensure Religious Right: Dilip

BJP Bengal President Dilip GhoshBJP Bengal President Dilip Ghosh

Bhimpur, March 27: State BJP chief Dilip Ghosh on Tuesday said that people took streets on the occasion of Ram Navami to retain their religious rights, which is largely suffered in the state.

Speaking at a public meeting in Nadia’s Bhimpur Ghosh said: “In Bengal, it is gradually becoming difficult to organize religious programmes. In recent past in many areas of the state major religious occasions like Durga puja, Saraswati pujas have been stopped by miscreants. So people came on street to ensure their religious rights as police and the administration failed to protect it”.

“People took streets on Ram Navami to ensure their religious rights as police and the administration failed to provide any assurances to protect it” – Dilip Ghosh, BJP WB President

Later Speaking to the media persons, Ghosh said: “In the past few days, BJP is being wrongly blamed for tension erupted in some areas in the state like Raniganj where violence was plan fully incited by miscreants. Police despite knowing possibilities of tension failed to take preventive measures”.

“Police failed to arrest a single person so far of those who attacked the rally in Raniganj, went on rampage, fired at people and hurled bombs injuring cops, but at the end it arrested the BJP workers only”, he added.

Earlier he advised the party workers to keep vigil at the entry point of their villages with bamboo poles in their hands on the day of panchayat poll to prevent looting of votes by miscreants engaged by Trinamul Congress. Ghosh said: “The Trinamul would try to loot votes. I advise you all to keep vigil at the entry points of your villages. Keep small bamboo poles in your hands. If you see any outsiders trying to enter your village, ask them to leave, else send them back on khatiya.”

“Some Trinamul leaders threatened us that they would not allow our candidates to submit nomination papers. We are also ready to face them”, he added.

Over 1000 Trinamul workers today joined BJP in Bhimpur at the meeting which was organized to condemn the murder of BJP worker Pradip Mandal. Ghosh later attended a party workshop in Tehatta and had also spoked at a public meeting in Dhubulia.

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