Trinamul Has Allergy About Hindu Refugees Getting Citizenship Under CAA: Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi being presented a miniature clay model of Goddess Durga by BJP leadership on his arrival at the Tehatta meeting venue on Friday. Picture by Babu Ghosh.

Tehatta, May 3: Prime Minister Narendra Modi desperately harped on the polarization card using the Sandeshkhali episode while alleging that the Trinamul Congress seems to have an “allergy” about the Hindu refugees getting any benefit of Citizenship under the CAA rules.

Modi on Friday addressed three back-to-back rallies in – Burdwan, Tehatta, and Bolpur in support of BJP candidates for the ensuing Lok Sabha polls and sharpened the polarization bid while reaffirming the use of Sandeshkhali atrocities against women being a strategic poll plank.  

Before speaking in Tehatta, Modi while speaking in Burdwan, raised the identity of Trinamul’s Sandeshkhali strongman Sheikh Shahajahan to point out the ruling party’s appeasement politics.

“In Sandeshkhali such a big atrocities occurred on the Dalit sisters. People across the country raised demand for action. But the TMC continued to protect the oppressors! ….. I want to ask the TMC government…Is it only because the name of the oppressor was Shahjahan Sheikh?”

“TMC is engaged in appeasement only. Please tell me if the vote bank is more important than humanity. Do you think that this appeasement is bigger than humanity”, Modi said.

Accusing Trinamul of hatching a conspiracy to unleash terror in Sandeshkhali, Modi in Tehatta said, “TMC was well aware of what was going on inside Sandeshkhali. They were oppressive…Do you think that that ammunition found by police was meant to strengthen the democracy there?”

While reinforcing the polarization bid, Modi blamed Trinamul CPM and Congress for opposing the CAA claiming it was due to a common “appeasement” policy.

“INDIA alliance consisting of Trinamul, Congress, and Left only know one common programme – appeasement for vote bank. You know that Congress divided the country based on religion. But what was the fault of Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and Parsis, who were compelled to remain on the other side of the border? It was assured to look after such people during the time of partition. But we have been made to forget such people. To help such people like Matuas and to get rid of their pain our government has shown the courage to introduce the CAA. But TMC has been opposing CAA the most”

“They have launched a negative campaign among the people about CAA. But Tmc should know that it cannot put an obstacle to implementing CAA”, Modi said.

Rubbishing Trinamul’s propaganda of snatching facilities once the CAA application was submitted, Modi said, “All will get the benefits of all government facilities and this is Modi’s guarantee”.

Modi, however, surprisingly remained mum on Mahua Moitra in his speech delivered in Tehatta. In a similar way of his March 2 Krishnanagar rally, he did not utter Trinamul’s expelled MP, who has been re-nominated by Trinamool Congress to retain her seat. Modi urged people to make BJP’s Krishnanagar candidate victorious to protect the rich cultural legacy of Bengal and the tradition of Krishnanagar.

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