Video Revealed BJP’s Sinister Plot To Malign Bengal Over Sandeshkhali Issue: Mamata

Mamata Banerjee hold the hand to introduce party candidate Mukutmani Adhikari at an election rally in Chakdaha on Saturday afternoon. Picture by Pranab Debnath

Chakdaha/Birnagar, May 4: Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday alleged that a viral video has revealed the sinister plot of the BJP to malign Bengal’s image with their fabricated tales of Sandeshkhali.

Speaking at two election rallies in Chakdaha and Birnagar in support of party candidate Mukutmani Adhikari on Saturday, Mamata said that she “anticipated” quite in advance that the incidents in Sandeshkhali were part of a conspiracy hatched by the BJP while claiming that the viral sting video has brought the fact to light.

Referring to the viral video that purportedly showed a local BJP leader claiming that no woman was raped in Sandeshkhali at all, Mamata in Chakdaha said, “The truth has come to light ultimately”.

Mamata said, “They created a big drama over Sandeshkhali. …..I have been telling you for long that it is a conspiracy scripted by BJP, which comes out to be true ultimately”.

Accusing the BJP of a sinister plot to malign the image of Bengal, Mamata said, “The curtains have been pulled back, revealing BJP’s sinister plot to smear Bengal’s image with their fabricated tales on Sandeshkhali”.

“In their pursuit of power, they’ve sold off the dignity of our mothers and sisters! Rest assured, Bangla-birodhi BJP’s treachery will be met with the full force of the people’s wrath”, Mamata said.

Earlier in a post on her X handle, Mamata stated, “The Sandeshkhali sting shows how deep the rot is within the BJP. In their hatred for Bengal’s progressive thought & culture, the Bangla-Birodhis orchestrated a conspiracy to defame our state on every possible level”.

“Never before in the history of India has a ruling party in Delhi tried to malign an entire state and its people. History will witness how Bengal will rise in rage against Delhi’s conspiratorial regime & ensure their Bishorjon”, she stated further.

The small island located in the Sundarbans delta of North 24 Parganas district became the political hotspot after a large number of complaints of atrocities on women and land grabbing by miscreants led by Trinamul strongman Sheikh Shahajahan came to light during the first week of February.

Sandeshkhali became one of the major poll issues in Bengal, with BJP making a specific strategy to use to garner support across the state for the Lok Sabha election. But the viral video provided a new turn to the political battle.

While accusing the BJP over its alleged sinister plan to grab power in Bengal using the Sandeshkhali episode, Mamata also reminded people not to submit applications for citizenship under the CAA through the dedicated portal.

She reiterated her demand for “unconditional” citizenship advising people not to appeal for citizenship through the dedicated portal of the Ministry of Home Affairs. She said, “You are already citizens of India and there is no need to appeal for citizenship”

“They (BJP) have been cheating you for over the last ten years. The CAA was passed in 2019. Now before the election, they come with fake promises again”, she alleged.

“If you submit your application, you will be identified as a foreigner. Your Aadhaar, PAN, and ration card will be canceled. If Narendra Modi can win an election by your votes and if we too can win polls, it means you are all citizens of India” Mamata said in his speech.

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