Civic Body Chief Seized Rotten Chicken From Shop

Krishnanagar Municipality chairman Ashim Kumar Saha checking quality of chicken at a departmental shop. Picture by Pranab Debnath

Krishnanagar, May 10: A team of officials of Krishnanagar Municipality led by chairman Ashim Kumar Saha today visited a departmental store and some restaurants in the town and collected samples of frozen chickens kept in freezer without any expiry tag. The chairman seized the packed meats and sent for quality test. Saha today first visited a chain shop of a renowned brand which sells chicken and chicken related products. He collected samples of chicken from the store and sealed the freezer after the shop manager failed to confirm the date of processing and expiry of the product. “There was no quality assurance tag on the chicken products. There was not even any tag with expiry details which made the products quite suspicious. We therefore, collected the samples and sent for quality checking. If anything wrong found, appropriate legal actions will be taken against the proprietor of the shop”, Saha said. Suspicion raised as the officials found the price of chicken at the branded shop is quite cheaper than normal market price. In reply to a query, an official claimed that the chickens kept for sale at the shop was actually meant for pets. He later visited a number of restaurants and collected similar samples for tests. 

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