Doctors Remove 35Kg Tumors From Elderly Woman’s Ovary

Tumors removed from Arati Adhikary's ovary at Kalyani JNM HospitalTumors removed from Arati Adhikary's ovary at Kalyani JNM Hospital
Team of doctors

Team of doctors of JNM Hospital

Kalyani, July 28: A team of doctors at Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial hospital and College of Medicine in Kalyani has removed two ovarian tumors grossly weighing 35.300-kg from the body of an elderly woman on Saturday evening. The recovery was done after a rigorous five hours long surgery. Doctors said, the patient, Arati Adhikary (59) is stable and expected to be released within a day or two.

On Saturday a team of six doctors led by assistant professor of gynecology department Mriganka Moulik Saha removed the tumors which were place awkwardly inside the ovary making the elderly woman’s daily life a horrible affair. The patient is a resident of Rajani Babu Road in Kanchrapara of North 24-Parganas.

Arati Adhikary (Patient)

Arati Adhikary (Patient)

She was admitted to the hospital on July 14 with a bumpy abdomen coupled with severe pain. Assistant professor Saha said, “After initial analyzing her symptoms I advised an ultrasonography of her lower abdomen, which confirmed existence of tumors inside of her ovary. The tumors were hugely sized posing a threat to her life. We explained the possible danger and also categorically told them the need of immediate surgery to remove it”.

“Once the family members agreed to our opinion, we decided to remove it. But, during the surgery the size of the tumors went beyond our imagination. Such big tumors inside ovary are rarely seen. It turned to be a very difficult task to us considering the difficult location and the age of the woman. Nevertheless, we have been successfully able to remove it”, said professor Saha.

Picture by Ranjit Sarkar

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