DYFI Leader Celebrates Wife’s Birthday Serving Special Lunch Packets Among Distressed

Moumita Mukherjee servicing food packets in Gangnapur on behalf of Red VolunteersMoumita Mukherjee servicing food packets in Gangnapur

Gangnapur, June 18: CPI (M)’s youth wing DYFI’s state committee member Swarup Mukherjee celebrated the 31st birthday of his wife Moumita on Friday by sponsoring a day’s meal being regularly served among the distressed persons by Red Canteen, run by Gangnapur unit of Red Volunteers.

On Friday Swarup’s wife Moumita personally handed over lunch packets to 80 persons, who are either financially weak or suffering from a crisis due to the Covid induced lockdown situation.

For about the past three weeks, the Gangnapur unit of the Red Volunteers have been serving food to such persons. A member of the unit said, “We began with our limited resources to help people in distress. But gradually many people have come up to join us and offered financial assistance to this noble cause. Many people have also celebrated birthdays or other family events by sponsoring our endeavours”. “Swarupda also celebrated his wife’s birthday in a similar way by sponsoring today’s lunch”, the Red Volunteer member added further.

Speaking to NfN Swarup Mukherjee said, “Being a Red Volunteer I am also associated with the Red Canteen initiative. We have been working for a noble cause offering food and other possible support to people in distress during the ongoing pandemic situation.  On Friday I decided to mark my wife’s birthday by sponsoring lunch at Red Canteen”.

“It was a pleasant experience for me and my wife particulary, who went with the volunteers and distributed the food packets personally”, Mukherjee added further.

The birthday menu included rice, lentil, potato chips, parwal prawn curry, chicken, sweet desserts which were cooked at the red canteen and served in packets. Swarup’s wife Moumita said, “I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve food to people in distress. It was a great celebration of my birthday and a great experience altogether”.  

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