Largest National Flag Flown In Phulia

Largest National Triclory Flying in the sky over PhuliaLargest National Triclory Flying in the sky over Phulia

Phulia, Jan. 26: Members of Junior-100 club in Phulia today hoisted an Indian National tricolor on the occasion of 68th Republic Day measuring 121.5ft x 81 ft, which they claimed as the largest Indian flag hoisted so far in the country.

The flag, weighs about 65kg was raised by 95 year old freedom fighter Ramendra Chakraborty  at the ground adjacent to Phulia bus stand. Phulia’s flag surpassed the Amritsar Improvement Trust’s 120ft x 80ft creation in March last year near Attari-Wagah border.


Largest Tricolor

Largest Tricolor

The flag was tailored by Baburam Biswas, who used 3 pieces of tricolor each of 125meter length to make the flag in about 20days. “I used light polyester length as the material”, he said. The club has spent about Rupees 2.5lakh to make the flag. Abhinaba Basak said: “15 laborers worked during past fortnight to complete the 181.6ft bamboo structure, made of 2578 bamboos, on top of which the flag was raised. The Attari flag was the highest one as it was raised on 360fit steel pole”.

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