New Ishwar Gupta Bridge To Add Beauty To 21Km Long Mogra-Barojaguli Flyover

Artiste's impression: New second Ishwar Gupta bridge with extradosed cable stayed technologyArtiste's impression: New second Ishwar Gupta bridge with extradosed cable stayed technology

Kalyani, Jan. 15: The 21km flyover that would link Mogra (Hooghly) with NH12 near Barajaguli in Nadia will have a 714-meter long six lane ‘extradosed’ bridge of artistic look designed by Danish designing giant COWI. The new bridge, which is set to come up soon over the river Hooghly parallel to the existing one, has been named as second Ishwar Gupta bridge.

Construction giant L&T has began the piling works for foundation of the bridge in Kalyani, a part of the flyover project, which is expected to be completed by 2021.

Second Ishwar Gupta bridge: Extradosed cable stayed Bridge

Extradosed cable stayed technology to be used

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee had instructed the West Bengal Highway Development Corporation that the new bridge which would literally replace existing Ishwar Gupta bridge, should have attractive look and use advanced technology considering its importance and load.

Respecting her advice, the WBHDC has commenced the work of the ‘extradosed’ bridge, a sort of combined structure of prestressed box Girder Bridge and cable stayed bridge designed by the Danish company, which would accommodate six lanes of divided carriage way along with its elevated corridor. 

On Wednesday Chief Minister in Krishnagar said, “This is a major project which would provide a big leap in the road communication network in the state…”

The bridge part touted be the designers dream creation with artistic which is also set to be the

New Bridge's look during night

New Bridge’s look during night

widest among it’s class in the country with around 35-meter width, particularly among the river top bridges in the country with at least four spans of 120 meters each, a WBHDC officer said.

The World Bank funded project, costing Rupees 13960-crore being executed by L&T, would eventually make a direct link between Dankuni, Durgapur Expressway and NH12 cutting short the commuting time for the Calcutta bound vehicles on the three of its major gateways NH12, BT road as well as Dumdum road.

The state government in 2015 sanctioned the 21km long flyover comprising the bridge with an objective to connect Nadia with Hooghly district over river Hooghly so that the vehicle from NH12 can directly access NH2 and NH6 vis a vis using the flyover.

“The flyover with the bridge being the major attraction is expected to be completed by the end of 2021 and provide a new experience to the commuters”, said an officer of WBHDC attached to the project.

Cable stayed technology

Cable stayed technology

“The second Ishwar Gupta bridge would have a very spectacular look and very strong in its built quality. As the chief minister had wished we considered its look and quality. The extradosed technology which is used to strengthen  load bearing capability being used here. Denmark’s Lyngby based company COWI along with RITES designed the bridge and L&T has started its execution”, the officer added.

The Danish farm has constructed many prestigious bridges like Great Belt East Bridge in own country and Mesina bridge in Italy and many others.

An engineer with L&T said, “COWI is expert in designing cable stayed overdosed bridges and designed many such bridges across the world”. The new bridge designed by the company is set to be made one of the most attractive bridges in its kind. It would be architectural marvel in simple word. The RITES proposed the name of COWI for designing the bridge”.

The Danish consultancy COWI has also recently secured a contract to provide the detailed design

Expected look of the new bridge from distance

Expected look of the new bridge from distance

for the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link bridge in India, which is going to be the longest sea crossing bridge in the country. The COWI has also been awarded a frame contract to perform airborne laser scanning of approximately 75 percent of Sweden’s territory over the next 2-5 years. 

L&T’s senior construction manager Tridib Roy said, “The 21km fly over along with the bridge will eventually connect Dankuni with NH12 via Chandannagore, Mogra, Kalyani, and Barojaguli. Bridge’s six lane carriage way  will begin from Triveni and go over the Hooghly river through Saraswatipur-Baropara junction and have a landing near Buddha park to enter Kalyani town while the carriage way continue through Kampa (Mathura bill)-Kalyani river research institute to meet NH12 near Barajaguli”.

“It will have grade separators, service lane for Kalyani Town. We will also undertake major beautification works along the stretched which will enhance the look of the bridge”, Roy added.

Courtesy: L&T

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