Ranaghat Treehouse: Nature Lovers’ Destination

Treehouse of Dibyendu Biswas in RanaghatThe treehouse of Dibyendu Biswas in Ranaghat

Ranaghat: Dibyendu Biswas, 61, a retired employee of the Department of Post, has made a ‘Treehouse’ as a type of watchtower in his nursery farm adjacent to his residence in Kuthirpara village in Nokari area of Ranaghat town.

The 12 ft x 6 ft cabin made of steel, timber, plywood, and glass has been set at a height of 20 ft from the ground level on a metal beam held by two Lambu trees on one side and a spiral stair on the other side being affixed to it for access from the ground.

For additional security purposes, a steel chain has been used to hold the cabin from the top that is also tied with two Lambo trees.

The cabin weighs around 225 kgs, has two single beds apart from basic utilities and electrical appliances, and can ideally accommodate two persons. Biswas has spent around Rs.1.30 lakh to make the cabin.

“I have basically made it just to quench my passion for living close to nature. I am a gardener and now I have made a nursery after retirement. It gives

me pleasure to spend hours in the nursery which is surrounded by flower orchards. I once used to climb trees to have the views of nature filled with flowers. The idea to make a Treehouse was offered by one of my friends. It was very fascinating and I decided to make it into reality and this is the result”, Biswas, an avid theater lover told The NfN.

Biswas is now planning to add toilet and water facilities to the treehouse so that he can stay on the top for several hours without any interruption. “It is basically for me but I enjoy time with friends there”, he added.

However, responding to requests made by his friends and close associates, he has recently started renting the Treehouse in a restricted manner. To add attraction, he has also recently launched a garden cafeteria to offer foods to the visitors. (Interested persons can contact him at 9434129605)

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