Primary School Building Dismantled Due To Erosion

Chakdaha, Aug. 6:  The Nadia administration began dismantling a primary school so as to save the building materials like bricks, steel bars as well as door and window frames before jaws of erosion embrace the two-storied structure since the river Hooghly is now flowing very close to it eroding the banks fast.

This is the second occasion since the school had to be shifted 10years ago. The school has 4 teachers and 75 students for its 4 classes.

Panic gripped the students and guardians living in Sannyalchar Malopara village of Chakdaha, as they fear that school will soon be lost into the river course as the river during the past two weeks have advanced largely eroding the bank and passing barely 150-meters away.

The situation has been aggravated further following the recent spate of rain that caused fresh erosion. It has so far engulfed at least 10 residential houses apart from around 100 acres of agricultural land.

Dilip Sarkar, a teacher of the school said,  “We are afraid that the surging river would soon gobble up the school. The ongoing rain that inundated the river course has caused the erosion bringing the school closer to the river bank. So with administration decided to dismantle the building and to shift academic activities temporarily to nearby Atal Behari Vidyapith”.

Jharna Biswas, a local resident said, “people here are very concerned about the future of the school. Heavy erosion started from July made the school closer to the bank sparking a continuous fear among us. We are afraid that the river could gobble up more land here and change the geography here”.

Sources in the district administration said that the irrigation department tried to arrest the erosion using sandbags, but it did not work. 

Nadia district primary school council chairman Jyotiprakash Ghosh said: “We have already purchased a piece of land to rebuild and relocate the school at a nearby location. We began dismantling the existing building so that some materials could be saved for use in fresh construction.  I am also very hopeful to get funds for new construction”.

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