‘UV Ray Guard’ Sunglasses Distributed Among Poor

People after receiving new sun glassesPeople after receiving new sun glasses


Chakdaha, May 21: Chakdaha Abhijan Association, a voluntary organisation have come up to help the people living below the poverty life to protect their eyes from the harmful solar radiation generated by ultra violet ray.

In a positive gesture to make people aware about the harmful impact of ultra violet ray of Sun, the organisation on Saturday distributed sunglasses to about 1000 people belong to financially weaker section. All the sunglasses distributed were ‘UB ray protected’, which were provided with support of the GKB Opticals, a renowned retailer of optical products in the country.

These special sunglasses were distributed free of cost among people belong to the age group of 10 and 40, who generally venture out under the scorching sun regularly.

President of Abhijan Iman Choudhury said: “Our aim is to create awareness among people about the need of using sun-glass. Sun glass is not a luxury item anymore. It is a unavoidable accessory to protect the eyes from the ultra violet ray which causes major damage to the eyes. However, the financially weaker people still find it tough to buy. We have, therefore, decided to help a small part of this section of people today”.

Optometrist Abhasjyoti Chakraborty said: “The UV ray regularly damage our eyes. The formation of cataract in early ages is caused by UV ray. People should understand that sun glass is not a fashion item”.

Executive body member of the organisation Mainak Chakraborty said: “We are trying to make people aware about the need of the sun glasses. We have been encouraging people who work under the sun to use the sunglasses during their work”.

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