BSF Recovered Victoria Crown Pigeon From Clutches Of Smugglers

The recovered Victoria Crown Pigeon in Krishnanagar

Krishnanagar, Sept. 17: A BSF team of 82 Battalion rescued a Victoria Crown Pigeon while being smuggled to India from Bangladesh through a porous point of Indo-Bangladesh border in Nadia’s Gongra on Friday morning. The Bluish-Grey color bird with elegant lace like crests, maroon breasts and red irises, that commemorates the British monarch Queen Victoria, is a ground dwelling pigeon actually hails from New Guinea region and one of the threatened species in the world, a Forest department official said. BSF officials who could not ascertain how the smugglers got reach of the bird since they managed to flee. The exotic bird was later handed over to the Forest department officials in Krishnagar, who examined the bird and kept it under observation. Picture courtesy BSF and WB Forest Department.

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