IISER-K Develops New Type Of Poly Plasticizer For Cement

Adonorc being launched at a programme in MadhyamgramAdonorc being launched at a programme in Madhyamgram

Mohanpur, Jan. 10: The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-Kolkata (IISER-K) in collaboration with Calcutta based ADO Additive Limited has developed a new kind of “Poly Plasticizer”, which will increase the setting time of cement and prevent loss of materials that often occurs due to hardening during transportation from plant to site of work.

“Poly Plasticizer” is one type of additive that enhances plasticity or gumminess of a material and also changes its physical properties.

The new kind of poly plasticizer that has been developed by the IISER-K’s Chemical Science department in a project led by professor R.Shunmugam would not only increase the setting time, but at the same time it would increase the strength and permeability of the materials.

The IISER-K and ADO Additive Limited have also jointly obtained its patent rights.

Professor Shunmugam said: “Very often we see due to lack of space and to save time materials like stone, sand mixed with cement at a plant and then taken to site of work through transport. But during such transportation the mixed materials got hardened, which eventually cannot be used in the work. But, the new poly plasticizer developed by us would increase the setting time and increase the plasticity thereby reduced the wastage of materials completely”.

“The new poly plasticizer which has been named as ADONORC, is made with highly water soluble material to ensure increased setting time and good flow rate”, added professor Shunmugum.

“Only about 06%-1.2% ADONORC would be required for per 7kg of cement to get the coveted result”, he added further.

Director of IISER-K professor Sourav Pal said: “This is a great initiative by Chemical science department which will benefit the construction industry and save huge loss of materials”

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