Rural Market With New Shopping Stalls Inaugurated In Debagram

Bani Kumar Roy inaugurating the rural market in DebagramBani Kumar Roy inaugurating the rural market in Debagram

Kaliganj, Dec. 12: Nadia Zilla parishad chief Banki Kumar Roy today inaugurated a rural ‘haat’ with 176 newly built stalls in Nadia’s Debagram for local farmers and small businessmen. The “haat” will be jointly controlled by the Kaliganj panchayat samity and Nadia District Regulated Market Committee. The small businessmen will be allowed to use the stalls on rotational basis for specific time period in the day and no one will be given ownership right for the stall, said an official. In the morning farmers and vegetable sellers will be allowed to use the stalls, but in the afternoon cloth traders will do their business from the same stalls. District magistrate of Nadia Sumit Gupta said:

The new stalls in the market

The new stalls in the market

“Local farmers and businessmen were in unorganized way using the area since long as a daily rural haat. We have covered the area making small stalls for them so that they could do their business in organized way with shades on their head and facilities like electricity, lights, water, and others”. Kaliganj Block Development Officer Nazir Hossain said: “We have taken up a pilot project on experimental basis to use this rural haat as weekly “night market’ for the whole sellers of garments”.

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